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The main house has a double bedroom and bathroom suite in the southern wing, and in the northern wing two double bedrooms, a triple bedroom and two bathrooms with showers. It also has a large kitchen, wine cellar, laundry room, large garage, storage room, dining room, living room and porch with panoramic views across the sea. All bedrooms have windows overlooking the sea and the garden. The dimensions of the house are approximately 30×10 meters. It was designed as a family coastline home, comfortable and unostentatious. It has been admired by architects for its simple and harmonious lines. The living room has a fireplace and waxed juniper wood floor that makes the house very welcoming in winter. Capacity: 10 people.

The main house and exteriors were designed at the end of the last century by the renowned and award winning architect D. Ferran Casademont Galí. The latest works and renovations have been carried out by D. Fulcará Jaume Coll.